Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Win $75 + $25 of free Co-op groceries for taking our survey and passing it on!

We know that we have asked you to take a lot of surveys about our new logo. This final survey will be the third.

But your opinion is very important to us! We can't make this decision without your input. This final logo survey features re-designs of our previous top-two logos, and an additional, entirely new logo option. The re-designs are very different from the first versions, with particular focus on making the words "Olympia Food Co-op" stand out.

We also need your help to get this survey out to Olympia-area non-members. We want to know the opinions of people who are not Co-op shoppers, so that we can compare them to the opinions of current members.  It's easy for us to contact members - via this blog, facebook, and the many email addresses that we have on file - but difficult to reach non-members. Please help by forwarding the survey link to local friends and family. If you are part of an organization with an email list who wouldn't mind, ask them to send the survey link out to their members. We would very, very much appreciate it! Here is the link:

Since we are asking so much of you (and your friends and family), we wanted to make the deal a little sweeter by offering an opportunity to win free Co-op groceries. You have two chances to win a Co-op gift certificate:

  • Anyone who takes the survey can choose to be entered into a drawing for a $75 Co-op gift certificate! (There is only one entry allowed per person, and Co-op staff are not eligible.) 

  • For every Olympia-area non-member who you refer this survey to, you will receive one entry for an additional $25 Co-op gift certificate. When non-members take the survey, they will be asked to give the name of the member who referred them to the survey - so make sure they know your full name!

Thank you for taking a few moments to take our survey and pass it on. It has been a long process to reach this point, and we in the Outreach committee are very excited about making a final decision and beginning implementation! Expect to see new store signage - and more - later this year.


Jayne, for the Outreach Committee