Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ban the bag!: "Bag it!" film screening at OFS

As you may have read previously, the Co-op has signed onto the Ban the Bag campaign

Want to learn more about the problems with plastic bags and support the campaign? Well, mark your calendars for the screening of "Bag it" on March 10th! Here's the info from Environment Washington, sponsor of the Ban the Bag campaign: 

"Bag It", an award-winning film directed by Suzan Beraza and written by Michelle Curry Wright, documents an average man's struggle with the growing threat of plastics in our society.  Funny, educational and relevant, this movie encourages us to think about what happens to our plastic products after we have used them. And we are bringing this film to Olympia!

We know that bags are a serious threat to our wildlife. This film looks at bags (and plastics generally) pollute our environment and can even get in our bodies, making us sick! You won’t want to miss this great film.

What: A screening of Bag It, with a dialogue after about local efforts to reduce plastic pollution from bags.
Where: Capital Theater in Downtown Olympia
When: Saturday, March 10th at 4:00