Tuesday, February 17, 2015

WLFN Survey: Yakima Valley Farmers! Go Local!

Hi folks,

We've been asked to participate in a survey by some local farmers to help them plan their crops and and their marketing.

It takes less than ten minutes and will provide great information for small independent Latino farmers in the Yakima Valley -- let's help them out!

The WLFN (Washington Latino Farmers Network), is a non-profit organization that is comprised of first-generation farmers in Yakima Valley, WA, who are exploring how they can build ongoing retail relationships with consumers in Western WA. This work is being funded by several grants from the USDA small farmers program. Click on the link to take the survey!

Thank You for your valuable input!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Co-op Expansion Survey

Dear Members and Customers,

The Olympia Food Co-op is conducting a survey that will be used in a market study for the expansion of the Eastside store. The market study is part of a feasibility study that will begin soon.

What’s a feasibility study?
The feasibility study is designed to help us figure out if it makes sense to expand and remodel our Eastside store, based on the Co-op’s needs and resources. A few years back, the Co-op purchased the lot adjacent to the Eastside store. With the help of a consultant, the feasibility study will help us identify what we can build there and how we can remodel our existing building.

What’s a market study?
In order to determine how the project can benefit the Co-op and its members, we need to understand the market in which operate. The market study will provide information about current and potential competition, trends in the natural food industry within our region, potential new customers/members, etc.

The Survey
This survey is a preliminary step for the market study and we ask two questions: “What is your full address?” and “How much did you spend here today?” This information is to identify the area from which the co-op draws its customers, so it is not necessary to ask for your name.
Thank you so much for being willing to participate in this survey. We will keep you informed along this process.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact the Expansion Committee at expansion@olympiafood.coop.


The Co-op Expansion Committee

Monday, January 26, 2015

Board Update

The Board of Directors appointed two new directors last night at the first Board meeting of the year. Desdra Dawning and Eric Mapes will fill the two vacant seats on the 2015 Board. Joshua Simpson has resigned, and one candidate declined her position.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Deep Discount Day!

Deep Discount Day!

Saturday December 27th at the Eastside Co-op

Beat your New Year’s resolution to the punch! Close out the year with some awe inspiring deals at the Eastside Co-op!  Enjoy deep discounts on select items in every department.  The Salad Bar is having a Throwback Sale at $5.99/lb all day.  Samples galore in all departments throughout the day! 9am-9pm at the Eastside Co-op only (no special orders on sale items)

EVERYBODY WELCOME!  And hey, the non-member surcharge is suspended for the day!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Friday, October 31, 2014

Annual Membership Meeting

Please join us for our annual chance to share information and good food with the Co-op membership! There will be great treats from the Co-op Deli and entertainment with live flute music by Peter Ali. We will be celebrating the work we've achieved at our stores this year and hear an update on more expansion plans. We will also discuss upcoming changes to our membership cards and record keeping and hear statements from the Board of Directors Candidates. And of course there will be a chance to cast your vote!

Sunday, Nov. 2nd, 4-7p

Olympia Women's Club

1002 Washtington ST SE

Downtown Olympia

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Olympia Food Co-op Harvest Party

Announcing the Olympia Food Co-op's 10th Annual Harvest Party and Local Eats event!  

Celebrate the bounty of the harvest and our local producers, bring a potluck item to share, take part in our First Annual Zuch Fest!  Do you have a zucchini in your garden that got a little out of control?  Bring it to our giant zucchini contest!  Roll it in the zucchini derby, or bake your favorite zuch-creation for the zucchini bake-off!  Details for each are below.

This year, we'll be hosting the Harvest Party at our newly remodeled, warm and welcoming Westside location --  come see our fresh new look!  Check out the new expanded Wellness department!  With our beautiful new floor, widened aisles, and more natural light, your friendly neighborhood store now has a more open, spacious feel.  We we can't wait to see you there!

10th Annual Harvest Party and Local Eats: Sunday Sept 14th, 1p-6p.  921 Rogers St NW.

Details for the Contests:

Grow Off: Zucchinis in the Giant Zucchini contest must have been grown by the contestant.

Bake Off: Entries in the bake-off must not require refrigeration and must have been baked by the contestant.

There will be an entry table set-up for folks to sign-in.  Judging will begin at 3:30, the Derby at 4:30, and the rewards ceremony right after. 

Zucchini Car Derby Guidelines

Zucchini Car must be made by the participant. Adult supervision is allowed.
Cars must be created at the party on the day of the event, with supplies provided.  
You may bring your own zucchini, or use one of ours.

Race Day Procedures & Rules
  1. Car must be no more than 10″ wide and 12″ long
  2. The first car to cross the finish line in each race wins. The race officials have final say.
  3. Cars must cross the finish line in one piece to win the race and advance to the next round.
  4. There must be NO gas, battery, electric, wind-up or powered motors of any kind attached to the car. Fire works and explosives are prohibited.
  5. Entries are submitted by age group:
    Little Kids 10 and Under
    Middle Kids 11-18
    Big Kids Over 18
  6. Entries will be judged in the following classes:
  • Fastest Car- First one to the bottom wins! 
  • Best in Show: Creativity 
  • Best in Show: People’s Choice
If the entry rules are not followed, disqualification is possible.