Thursday, February 28, 2013

Best of Olympia 2013 - Volcano Staff and Readers pick OFC

Thanks to the Staff and Readers of the Weekly Volcano, who have picked the Olympia Food Co-op for their Best of Olympia 2013 special edition.  We work hard for our members, and it's an honor to be picked!

Volcano Readers pick the OFC as Best Grocery Store


Our Deli's Salad Bar, chosen by Volcano Staff, is nestled right between Tamale Fusion and Blintzapoolaza, which is a grand place to be.  Here's the pic they snapped of Salad Bar bliss:

Lava you much, Volcano!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Teamsters 117 sign 5-yr deal with UNFI - Strike is Over!

Here's a link to the Teamsters 117 website, where they explain the details behind the good news that the Strike is Over!  See our blog homepage to scroll through the list of events leading to this newly signed contract.

Congratulations to everyone involved!