Monday, March 14, 2011

Why the Pacific Coast is not currently at risk from radiation...

We at the Co-op having been hearing a lot of concern about radiation these days. Requests for iodine keep rolling in (fyi, we have an order in for Thursday delivery) and seaweed has never been so popular.

Being prepared is always good, but so far we're not at risk for high radiation levels here on the west coast.

Cliff Mass is a climatologist at UW who has written the book on PNW weather (literally) and his blog - for those of us nerdy enough to follow such things - is the best place to get detailed, yet utterly readable, information about our weather.

Cliff says we're not in any danger of radiation problems right now, based on the weather (among other things). You can read his post on why this is the case here.

You can also read the Washington State Department of Health's online FAQ about the Japanese nuclear power plants and radiation here on the west coast. The department of health monitors radiation levels throughout the year at four spots in Washington state, and if higher than usual levels are detected, this is where you would read about it.

Lastly, if you're the kind of person who thrives on up-to-the-minute, straight-from-the-source news, check out NHK World News. NHK is a Japanese news agency with an English language version that they stream online.