Tuesday, November 16, 2010

OFC Board of Directors Election Results


After a long count of the record-breaking 1093 valid votes received, the results of this year’s Board election are complete.

The following five candidates will join the Board of Directors this January (the total votes received by each candidate follow their name):

TJ Johnson (693 votes)
Rochelle Gause (635 votes)
Erin Genia (568 votes)
John Regan (551 votes)
Eric Mapes (545 votes)

All of the top 5 candidates have accepted the position.

The first runner-up was Susan Trinin with 315 votes.

From there, in order of votes received, were Teresa Young (289), Suzanne Shafer (277), Karen Bray (255), Kent Davis (242), Andrea Lipper (241), Kim Henderson (219), Linda Sternhill Davis (195) and Joshua Simpson (132). Susan Schaeffer, who withdrew from the race, received 86 votes.


A total of 1133 ballots were received. 38 votes were not counted due to unverified or inactive memberships. With a 230 vote difference between the lowest winning candidate’s votes and highest runner-up candidate’s votes, these uncounted ballots had no effect on the final outcome. Inactive membership is defined in our bylaws as a membership without a current address or whose dues payments are not up to date. You can read our full bylaws at http://www.olympiafood.coop/bylaws.html.

Ballots were counted in a three-part process. First, membership information on the front of the envelope was verified. Second, ballots were separated from their envelopes and piled in stacks of 100. Lastly, the votes were tallied by hand.

Ballot counting began shortly after 9pm last evening and continued into the early morning. Staff members Diana Pisco, Jayne Kaszynski, Jason Baghboudarian, and Grace Cox were joined by volunteers Raelyn Pisco-Eckert and Jaime Kaszynski in counting ballots. Many thanks to Mo Tobin, James Scott, Jason Baghboudarian, volunteer Scott Bishop, and Board member Jackie Krzyzeck for their work updating the membership database and verifying memberships. Several people contacted the Co-op about observing the counting (and were invited to come), but none of them did so.

All envelopes were saved, as were all ballots. Ballots were bundled in batches of 100 with their tally sheets and locked in a secure location at our downtown office.

Although we were prepared to continue counting during a power outage with flashlights and candles, the Co-op office was not affected by last night’s blackouts!

Thanks to everyone who ran for the Board, and to all members who took part by casting a vote.