Sunday, September 26, 2010

Israeli-product Boycott: Next Steps

The Olympia Food Co-op Board of Directors is aware that members are awaiting information on the Board’s process following the August 12th member forum. We apologize for the delay in providing this update.

This Boycott: After extensive discussion and airing of diverse opinions, the Co-op Board could not consent to rescinding the boycott.

The Co-op Board is working to clarify the language around what will end the boycott and has solicited diverse informed input.

The Boycott Policy: The Co-op Board is forming a sub committee to review the OFC boycott policy. This committee will include Co-op Board members, staff members, and Co-op members at large. The Board will begin taking applications from members who are interested in serving on the committee. Applications will be available on the website November 15th.

Community Involvement: The Co-op Board is considering the next steps for community dialogue and community involvement.

Member Vote: Representatives of the ‘It’s Our Co-op’ group who solicited signatures on a petition outside of the stores have told the Co-op Board, that the petition was not intended to trigger a member vote. However, any member is welcome to propose a member initiated ballot process and should contact the Co-op board to begin this process. (