Sunday, January 6, 2013

Message from a "replaced" worker at UNFI

"It has been three weeks since UNFI unlawfully permanently replaced me and 71 of my co-workers, forcing over 160 union members at UNFI’s distribution center in Auburn back on the picket line. 

Since then, UNFI has shown absolutely no willingness to end the strike.  Instead, UNFI has:
  • Refused in federal mediation to reinstate me and my co-workers
  • Sought a court injunction to restrict our right to picket at the Auburn facility
  • Prematurely cancelled my health insurance
  • Continued to violate federal law by committing additional unfair labor practices
On January 8 and 9, my Union will be meeting with UNFI again in federal mediation.  It is incredibly important that UNFI understands that it cannot continue to violate workers’ rights, violate the law, and subvert the bargaining process.   

SUPPORT WORKERS!  Please email UNFI Senior Vice President Joseph Traficanti at with the following message:

Dear Mr. Traficanti:
I am deeply troubled by UNFI’s unfair treatment of its workers at its distribution center in Auburn, WA .  I urge you to return to the bargaining table immediately and bargain a fair contract in good faith that respects your workers.    
You can also send Mr. Traficanti a fax at 860-779-5678 or leave him a voice mail message at 860-779-2800 ext 32301. Thank you for your support!

Dante Cobb
Replaced Warehouse Worker, UNFI

PS:  For ongoing information about the strike, please visit"