Sunday, January 22, 2012

Some logistics for the Westside

Power is up at the Westside Store! If everything goes well, we'll be open tomorrow at 8am as usual.

Except...not so usual. The coolers and freezers have been cleared out, mostly donated (yay!); and we're going to work to get 'em re-stocked. This is actually a good chance to do some deep cleaning and resets. We're getting a partial UNFI (large) delivery tomorrow; and another Tuesday if we need it.

During the next few days, we'll be getting more in from our backstock at the Eastside, various smaller distributors, and local vendors. On Thursday we'll be getting our full (and then some) large delivery to fill in whatever gaps may be left.

Thanks to the hard-working members; everyone's been amazing!

Please come on in everyone, we'd love to see you!