Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Board Election Results!

After a late night of verifying and counting ballots, we are happy to welcome our three new Board members Cezanne Murphy-Levesque, Joshua Simpson and Joseph Webster. We also welcome back returning Board member Rob Richards for his second term.

We received 434 valid ballots, plus 47 that were unable to be counted due to inactive or unverifiable membership status. All votes were verified by two separate counts.

The final count was:

Cezanne Murphy-Levesque 275
Joshua Simpson 274
Rob Richards 256
Joseph Webster 241

Allyson Ruppenthal 232
Keith Dublanica 172

Many thanks to our group of late-night ballot counters! Volunteer Jackie Krzyzek verified piles of ballots, while Fern Moore, Jason Baghboudarian, and volunteers Laura and Jaime Kaszynski counted votes. Aurora Kaszynski-McGinnis (age "almost 8") provided levity, artwork, and helped us eat pizza.